Kodaikanal at its best

Kodaikanal Lake One of major and must visit Place in Kodai , The boat trip is very famous. A beautiful star-shaped lake that has a cycle track around it. Berijam Lake Lake is situated in middle of jungle offering peaceful and serene atmosphere surrounded by pine trees. Lovely place to sit and enjoy nature. The lake is 25 KM away from Kodai. You need a forest permit to enter the area
Pine Forest Place has lots of beautiful Pine trees, They are well arranged. This place reminds you many bollywood movies of 90’s.Its a perfect Photo Shoot location with natural beauty.
Mannavanur Lake The lake itself is not the biggest or the most scenic. The overall experience is however very nice. The drive to the lake is really scenic and on the way, pine forest and some nice views can be seen.
Bryant Park This one is a mini botanical garden but you can still enjoy green beauty of it. The park is situated close to the Kodai lake. In the park you can notice various types of potted plants including daffodils, orchids, ferns, begonia, ornamental cabbage, water lilies in the park’s pond.
Chettiar Park The park is small, beautiful and well maintained lies towards the Kurinji temple. An ideal place to spend time with kids.
Guna Cave The park is small, beautiful and well maintained lies towards the Kurinji temple. An ideal place to spend time with kids.
Perumal Peak Its is a highest peak at Kodaikanal in the Perumalmalai hills, that are a part of the greater Western Ghats mountain range in Tamil Nadu, having an elevation of 2,440 meters (8,005 ft). It is a favourite spot for trekker.
Vattakanal Falls Vattakanal falls is a wide waterfall and safe enough to step into the water beneath the falls. Can be easily reached by car. Easily accessible, and One would love the step rocks of the falls. The area is not so big;
Fairy FallsThe hike to Fairy Falls is very easy despite its length. The trail passes Grand Prismatic Spring, and a short detour scramble up a hill offers a spectacular view of the spring. Along the hike are tons of wildflowers, obsidian, lodgepole pines, and other wildlife. Fairy Falls is 197 ft tall.
Bear Shola Falls The falls 1.6km from the lake ,where bears used to frequent this place in the past is an ideal picnic spot. This is a beautiful water fall that falls from quite some height. One has to walk about 500 m to get to it. The walk is through the forest, which makes it very interesting. 80 Mile Round Cycle ride or a trek to this terrain is unforgettable. foggy hills, forests, waterfalls, streams and clouds make it all worth it. A lot of attractions can be like berjim lake, kukkal and some of kerala can be seen from here.
Kukkal Caves The ancient caves were once the earliest settlement of Paliyan tribals are now the camping site of the trekkers. One need to travel till Pombarai and then walk down to this place. There are beaultiful plantations and pine forests on the way.

Early Morning View from Bs hive

Sunrising Beauty from B’s Hive

from B's Hive

Sunrising Beauty from B’s Hive

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Kodaikanal Lake

In 1863, Kodaikanal Lake was created by Sir Vere Hendry Levinge, who was then the Collector of Madurai District, by damming three streams flowing into a valley. He stocked the lake with local fish and brought Kodai’s first boat from Tuticorin. He lived in Pambar House after his retirement. During the early years of its settlement show the area around the lake with very few trees and a marshy landscape. The manmade lake then had no bunds

In 1890, the Kodaikanal Boat Club was formed.

The lake is star-shaped, centrally located in the town of Kodaikanal and is surrounded by lush green hills of the northwestern Palani Hills range, which is the main watershed for the lake

Today there are three different Boat Clubs with a variety of boats available for hire. There is now an excellent 9 kilometers (5.6 mi) lighted and paved sidewalk and bicycle path around the lake. There are strict municipal laws against construction near the lake.

Ways to Kodaikanal

By Plane

The closest airports to Kodaikanal are Trichy 150km, Madurai 120km and Coimbatore 175km.

By Train

Nearest railway station is Kodai Road at a distance of 100km. From Kodai Road station , one has to travel only by road. Taxis are available for hire up to Kodaikanal but since these might the only mode of transport here, the prices are often not negotiable.

By Bus

Kodaikanal is about 90km from Dindigul city and there are plenty of buses plying from various parts of the state. Buses ply from Chennai, Pondicherry, Trichy, Madurai, Dindigul, Palani and Coimbatore.